AM - small robot explorer - is deployed on Mars to seek for a life, but he will get in big problems. He will lost connection to his mother-ship and is unable to get to a rendezvous spot to be picked up by the air lift module. His exploration mission will change in a long journey and a big adventure. Will he find, what he is looking for and make it safely back home to the Earth in the end?

This is a free unfinished version, but please buy a copy if you want to support social ProjectDaVinci.EU self-learning unemployed people community and help them to make this game finished in the best way.

(Warning! This is a form of crowd-funding and might be partially unfinished preview of the application design home-student community work at ProjectDavinci.EU. So please no negative ratings so far, if we could ask you. It would be unfair in this case, until this text will be dismissed and application marked as final version! But if you like the idea and want to support us, you are encouraged to buy it and get it cheaper then the final version will be (price will be increased when application is totally finished, but you will receive final version update for free of course by the automatic update system of Google Play)

In recent changes you can find info about application current status.

(Finished 50% - needs more levels, models, music...)
(Music is composed and story written. Will be definitively very interesting arcade game with adventure parts)